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Passion for Cashmere since 1970

For two generations, Cashmere Company has been producing fine cashmere knitwear with passion and creativity.
The garments are produced with the best yarns and the utmost care to guarantee fine and high quality knitwear.
Each Cashmere Company product is a soft jewel of artisan experience and stylistic creativity.

Cashmere Company

Cristina Frassi – the company’s fashion designer – creates and designs the collections in the Brescia headquarters and personally selects yarns in Mongolia from the best local producers every year.

All the garments are produced directly under his supervision to ensure fine workmanship and high quality.

The collections offer a very wide choice of models and colors, with classic garments and innovative processes always in step with fashion.

You can buy them online in our eShop, or touch them personally in our Boutiques.

We create two collections a year:
– Autumn / Winter, in 100% Cashmere
– Spring / Summer with mix of natural fibers such as cashmere / cotton, silk / linen, silk / cotton

We know Cashmere well

Cashmere is the natural textile fiber obtained from the underfleece of the hyrcus goat, native to the mountainous regions of Asia.

The strong temperature variations of its habitat have induced in the cashmere goat the development of a dense down ten times warmer and lighter than sheep’s wool.

Every six months, I personally go to Chinese Mongolia to visit the cashmere goat farms that provide us with the raw material for our knitwear.

The absolute silence, the suffocating heat during the day and the intense cold at night, the thousands of goats grazing free in an infinite scenario … every time it is a great emotion.

To collect the cashmere, the harvester lays the goat on its side and with a metal tool performs a manual combing of the belly and back of the goat, collecting the wool.

It is manual and tiring work, but necessary for the goats and essential for the economic survival of the farmers.

The best quality hair is the “Duvet”, with an average / annual production between 100 and 200 grams for each adult goat. In comparison, the merino sheep or an adult alpaca provide an annual average of around 5 kg of wool.

For the Cashmere Company knitwear I choose the bales of collected wool, favoring the one with the longest and finest fibers which guarantees me the production of purer yarns.

After harvesting, the wool is washed, dried and then collected in bags. In this still raw form it reaches the yarn producers.

I have trusted manufacturers with whom I have been working for years for the production and dyeing of yarns, modeling of garments and the production of knitwear.

Other washes, other processes and slowly the yarn takes shape, then takes on color, and in the end it becomes a sweater, a sweatshirt, a 100% Cashmere dress from the Cashmere Company collection.

From creativity to style

Each new collection is the culmination of long work.

We are looking for creative inspiration for the fashion that will come in a year; we read, we look around us, we try to grasp the trends and styles of the next season.

We collect ideas and suggestions, we analyze and organize them, and then we make the sample sheets with the stitches and colors we have chosen.

Looking at the texture and touching the texture we understand how to bring our ideas from paper to cloth: we design the models, we take care of the details, we create the technical sheet.

What a thrill, the first prototype, and how much care we take to ‘fix it’, that is to eliminate any small defects.

And after the prototypes there is the ‘sample garment’ – the perfect one – softly hung on the hanger, waiting to be photographed to enter the catalog of the next Cashmere Company collection.

Cashmere for real!

The design of the collections, the choice of yarns, the quality of the colors and workmanship, the marketing to points of sale and end customers are activities that we manage and control directly.

In this way we are confident that we can offer the best high quality cashmere knitwear.

Our customers are: Boutiques and shops that offer our collections in their stores; wholesalers and distributors, for our collections or lines of knitwear under their brand; online customers who buy directly and with confidence on our online shop; end customers who come to visit us in our three stores and touch our garments.

Do you have a Boutique and want to propose our Cashmere knitwear collections?

Do you have a company and are you looking for a partner for your Cashmere knitwear line?

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